Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas To Me

Memories of my daddy going into the bedroom on Christmas eve, locking the door and wrapping his gifts, whistling and a lot of times listening to Elvis Christmas music. Using all the leftover wrapping paper, you might have 3 kinds of paper on one gift. He loved this time of year like I do, I miss him a lot right now.

I remember the year we got Little Jon for the kids for Christmas...Kristyn got up and came into the living room, sat down beside me and started petting him and didn't even realize what she was doing. It finally dawned on her that it was a new puppy. We miss you this year Little Jon!

The first time we sent the kids on a hunt for a fun and they would get so excited and so would I. I just loved seeing their little eyes light up when they walked in the room on Christmas morning. So sweet in their new pj's they always get on Christmas eve.

I love the music of the season. This year Faith Hill has a song on her album called "A Baby Changes Everything", my favorite this year. It makes me cry and it causes me to worship. If you haven't heard it, listen to it! I also love Elvis' music, listen to it every year. All Christmas music makes me happy, sometimes sad, always warm inside.

I love to bake at Christmas. Cookies, breads, salsa, cakes, its such a homey and warm feeling. Of course, I like to eat it all as well and I like sharing it with friends and family.

Watching Christmas lights just mesmerizes me. They are so romantic and pretty. I do not like my tree lights being off, they must be on if I'm home. I cannot convince my kids that this is a must, don't sit here with the lights off!!!!

I like helping children have Christmas that might not have it other wise. What a joy and a blessing. I love giving to my kids, oh my gosh this delights me to no end. I also like buying for others and seeing them be surprised and enjoy whatever it may be.

Its such a sad time of year when you have lost a loved one. We miss them so much during the holidays. I think of my friends tonight who have lost children and I wonder how they breathe, how they survive each year. I admire them, respect them and love them and pray for grace over them during this time. I continue to wonder why Lord and I can only trust You will tell us why when we get to Glory.

Of course I love being with my family. My family consist of my kids and my friends. This year me and the kids are putting together a Christmas puzzle and i bought a gingerbread train for us to do...sound like fun! I know they are excited!

This is the best part. I could not survive if it weren't for the birth of Jesus and the death of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus. He saught me, bought me and convinced me that He does love me. He offers this to every one of us, that is the amazing part, that He can love each of us as if we were the only child. Sweet baby Jesus. A baby really does change everything.

Merry Christmas to all!