Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hi, everyone! It is Kristyn, I'm uploading pictures for "Granny Beth" (the name I decided me and Zach's children should call her...haha). I'm doing the pictures because "Beth" isn't so good at it :)

For Mother's Day this year we decided to get my mom a new puppy. She has made suggestions here and there of getting one...but I knew she would never go all the way... and buy one. So, I set out to find one...and man did I find some crazy people selling dogs. Anyways long story short...I found a lady in Crossett, AR on the internet here "PUPPIES". She was very legit and had a fresh litter of miniature dachshunds. I called her up on the phone and she had a female which is what we wanted. The puppy was chocolate and tan which is so beautiful and something we never had or seen before. She sent me pictures and I fell in love. But, the puppies would not be ready to leave their mom until May 29th. So I went to Petsmart and bought a collar, dachshund key chain, puppy bones, and a puppy toy. Wrapped all the goodies up in a cute puppy "paw" bag and pink tissue paper (because it is a girl) and got a "Congrats on the New Pet" card!
On Mother's Day Eve we sat "Beth" down and made her close her eyes. We placed the bag of goodies in her lap along with my lab top with a picture of the new puppy on the screen. She was so excited and loved her as much as we did. YAY!!
So, today we drove down to Crossett (2 1/2 hours) to see her and made a deposit.

As of today she is officially Moms and we are so happy. My mom also decided a while back if she ever got a new pup she would name her "Bailey"...so folks we got a "Bailey" and we will meet to pick her up to join the family officially on May 29th. It was a great time and she is so darn precious. I hope that "Granny Beth" is pleased and I know they will have fun times together! I love you MOMS!!

The puppies with their mommy (which is very PRETTY)!

Bailey just being...soo very cute! :)
Can you believe how tiny she is?

We love her so much already!!

p.s- If you want to see more pictures of Bailey click here "Beth"!