Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Bailey Anne James who will be 3 months old this Friday, the 24th. She is just so darn cute and hilarious to watch. That first month it was like having a newborn/toddler in the house...about wore me out. We now have our little routine down and she has settled into the family dynamics. She is just a joy to watch. She loves being outside all the time. She chases moths and grass that is blowing and has now discovered a frog that gets on the porch every night, she just barks at that frog. She rarely barks which is nice, I didn't want a yapper!

I KNOW it has been sooooooooooooooo long since I have posted but life has just been a little busy. My sweet Kristyn has been home this summer, going to school, working and we have been planning the big event, her wedding. Her goal is to get everything done that we can possibly get done before she goes back to Fayetteville on August 20th. We have gotten so much done. We have her entire wedding ensemble and the bridesmaids dresses and shoes. We have picked out the flower girls dress. We have the chapel, the reception, the photographer, the cake, the flowers, there have been shower dates planned. It is just rolling right along. It is now less than 5 months away and I cannot believe it. It will be here before we turn around.

When Kristyn goes back to school its going to be really sad for me because that will mean she no longer lives with me. She'll come home for showers etc. and then when the semester is over, she will come home to get married. So surreal. I'm so happy for her and Mitchell but am shocked that this time has come. I want to enjoy every last minute I have with her.

Zach has been in Fayetteville this summer going to school and coaching the West Fork Sr. Babe Ruth baseball team. They came in 1st place for the season, won the championship tournament (I was there for this and it was so exciting!!!! The look on my boys face when they won that game was priceless.) He has now been the assistant coach for the allstar team. This past weekend they went to Jonesboro for the state tourny. They won all their games to become the state champs. How cool is that!!!!! He is done for the summer now. The team goes on to Texas but Zach cannot go.

I guess that is whats happening in my world right now. Hopefully, I will be back sooner to post. I'd love to get a laptop for my birthday, then I would be able to write a lot more!!! We'll see.
Have a great day!