Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Know Your Daughter Is Getting Married When...

You look online at the proof for her wedding invitation. There it is in real life...I mean like she is a real adult getting married. Surely, this is just a little pretend fun my little girl is having, isn't it? No, I don't think so. She is really getting married...the invitation says so.(They are beautiful by the way!)

She calls you to come to a furniture store to see furniture her and her future husband are about to buy for their "home". Oh was like seeing myself 24 years ago. I was very proud of Mitchell, the future husband, for the way he handled himself in his business dealings!!!! It reassured me that I was right in the fact that this man can take care of my daughter.

They are officially registered for wedding gifts. Mitchell was the official "shooter" of the "gun" while they registered. It was fun helping Kristyn look for the wonderful items they were going to register for before they registered. It makes a mom proud to watch her daughter pick out things like her moms. 

People have switched from "oh you have a while to get ready" to "we need shower invitation list" and "oh that is going to be here before you know it." GULP!

You see this beautiful young woman in her wedding gown. Just a glow about her when she has it on. Words are just not there to describe the feeling of seeing your baby walk out in her wedding gown. I will have to ponder this to come up with the appropriate words!

You see all her bridesmaids gather to be fitted for their dresses and try their shoes on! They all looked gorgeous! And even though they don't all see each other all the time, when they come back together, it's like they have never been apart. They just fall right back into their friendships. Love that!

Boxes and containers are being gathered so she can pack up her bedroom. She is leaving for college next week and when she comes back home for semester, she will be getting married. So, she has decided to pack her room COMPLETELY! I cannot hardly go up there! I went up the other morning to tell her bye because she was going out of town. I looked at that room and as I started back down the stairs, I just began to cry! There will be boxes for things to stay with me and boxes to take when she is married. Oh there are so many emotions around this event. When she goes to school next week, she really will not be living with me again. Just coming home for visits to do wedding planning and going to showers and having bridal portraits made. Then, December will be here and she will come home and head to that chapel and walk down that isle and become a Mrs. A Mrs. mind you. This child that I just birthed yesterday and was keeping me up all night because she was a night owl from day 1, is going to be a Mrs. She is going to be a wife. Seriously!

But, you know, a mom can tell when its time for them to leave the nest. I watched Zachary go thru this process and watched as he began to pull away and become his own person and I knew I had to let this happen. (ugh, talk about a weird feeling, going upstairs and seeing his room being clean all the time and his bed always made because he rarely comes home :(. )I see that in her now. It has just been of late that I have began to notice the switch. Be assured it is there, her heart is going to be with Mitchell already and she is preparing to be a wife. She is so excited to make her home with her almost husband. This is how it should be. 

One of my favorites times as of late has been when we have been in the pool and she has no make-up on and her hair is wet and slicked back. She looks like that little girl that I raised instead of the young woman she has become. It is just fun to get a little glimpse back in time. Doesn't last for long though, she may look like my "little girl" but she does not act like a little girl any longer. Oh she has her moments. We can get so tickled that I almost pee my pants (Pretty Woman comment!) Ok, sorry, I have gotten off the beaten path. Starting to head down memory lane, another post perhaps.

Seeing my closet and office fill with bags of stuff being purchased for the wedding. The goal is to have everything possible done before she goes back to school. We are pretty darn close. Granted there is still plenty to do but we are doing great with the planning.

Ok, well I feel better getting all of that out of me. Next week, I will turn 48 and take my daughter to school for the last time. I am so excited for her and I know she is so ready to be married and settled and for this I am grateful. I know its going to be so hard to let her go, I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it but I know its the right thing and all will be well. It will be well with my soul!!!!! I'm Trusting!

As a side bar - I apologize to those of you that I haven't called like I should or gotten with like I should. I don't think I have ever had a summer go by so fast and been so busy. Please be patient with me thru the end of this year. I love you all but my girl is getting married and my boy has been in Fayetteville all summer and they have kept me busy. I'm enjoying it while I can!
Love ya!