Sunday, April 17, 2011

I did it!!!!

I know it may not be the best looking blog out there but it's different and new. To me it is refreshing to see a difference. I hope to see a lot of different in my life. That is my goal as I think about my GOAL!!!


April 17, 2011


I really want to change the way my blog looks and works for me. I feel like such a computer idiot. I need help. Can anyone tell me where to go to get a really nice blog appearance that is easy for someone like me. You know, someone who cannot figure out computer "stuff" without very much frustration.

AND everytime I decide to look at my blog and think I will start writing, there is this little box that appears and follows me everywhere and I CANNOT get it to go away!!!!

Can you tell I'm just a little frustrated. I want to write...but I want it to look nice and I want to know what I'm doing!!!!!