Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've been tagged to do a meme, so here goes!
1. Where were you 10 years ago?
We were living at 241 Briarpatch Lane, doesn't that have a lovely ring to it! Zach was 10 and Kristyn was 9. I LOVED living at this place, its where my kids did most of their growing up years. It was one of those neighborhoods where everyone knew everyone, the kids went outside and road bikes, played football in the yards, played the night time flashlight games etc. We had the most wonderful next door neighbor named Mrs. Kathy, she help to take care of all of our kids and anything else we needed. She is one of the kindest people I have ever known. It is just that place when I think of it, I feel warm inside. I miss those days and that place.

2. What is on Today To Do List?
Well, I've already had my nails done. Picked up Kristyn's yearbook from last year, yes they just got them in! I know, crazy! Now, I'm working for a while, then going home and crocheting, maybe a little reading! It is an exciting life! Of course the best part is when Z & K call their ma!

3. What would you do if you became a billionare?
I have no idea! Money isn't everything I have learned.

4. Name 5 places you have lived?
Miami, Florida
Smyrna, Georgia
Charleston, West Virginia
Tulsa, Oklahoma
North Little Rock, Arkansas

5. Name 3 bad habits you have.
Over analyzing
Messing with my nails!

6. What are your favorite snacks?
I love Movie Theatre popcorn too, with butter in the middle and on top.
sherbert or ice cream

7. Who will you tag for this meme?
Everyone that reads this blog, tag your it!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Do You Know Who You Are

Do you ever read other blogs, facebook, myspace. email, whatever the case may be and wonder "Who Am I Really"? Do all of these people really know who they are as well as they present themselves to be?

I want to know who I really am...what do I really like to do...what do I really enjoy reading...what do I want to be doing in ten years...what kind of people do I really enjoy being around...what do I really want to look like and what kind of clothes do I really want to wear? What plan does God have for me on this earth?

How much of what I do is to please someone else? How much of what I do, I do because I've always done it that way. How much of what I do, I do because that is what I want. How much of what I do, I do to Glorify Christ and to please Him and be in relationship with Him?

Just a little food for thought!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tribute to my Dad

September 9, 1938 was the day my dad was born and July 6, 1985 was the day he left this earth to go to Glory. They say its what happens in the middle of those two dates that counts. Since today would have been my dads 70th birthday I thought I would write some things about the life between the dates.

  • He was a hansome man...dark brown hair, green "cat eyes", beautiful hands.

  • He loved the Lord. He got up every morning of the life I knew of him and spent time with the Lord. His cup of coffee, his bible and until a year before his death, a cigarette! So, no he wasn't perfect!

  • He was a preacher. What we refer to these days as bi-vocational, meaning he didn't have a degree of any kind but was called to preach and he loved being a preacher.

  • He was a great listener.

  • He loved popcorn and coke.

  • He was a pack rat...stacks of papers everywhere.

  • He looked mean but didn't have a mean bone in his body. This caused people to be afraid of him until they got to know him.

  • He loved to laugh and cut-up.

  • He was an Elvis Presley fan. He went to several of his concerts. He would put his music on at home and we would all dance. I know can you believe we old baptist were dancing in our home!

  • He loved to sing. He had a base voice and his favorite solo to sing was "How Great Thou Art".

  • He always brought me prizes when I was sick.

  • He worked in a cemetary, keeper of the grounds. He always told me that when Jesus came back he wanted to be standing in the middle of the cemetary and see all the graves open.

  • He always talked about going to heaven and wanting to be in heaven. Makes me think that maybe he knew he wouldn't live to be an old man. He was 46 when he died.

  • He loved animals. We always had dogs while I was growing up. He also took care of wounded geese that were at the cemetary.

  • He was a gentle soul.

I have now lived longer on this earth without him than with him. That is a very strange feeling. Its been 23 years since his death and still on these anniversary dates I am jarred in the depths of my soul. In some ways its so hard to think I've been without him for so long. He was the one person in my family that I connected too and felt loved by.

I think the hardest and saddest part of him not being on this earth is that my children did not get to know him. He was gone before they were even born. He loved sports and loved coaching baseball and basketball and so I know he and my kids would have related so well. I know he would have been at their games, whatever they were playing. I know he would have been in relationship with his grandchildren.

I know without a doubt that he is in heaven and that is the legacy he left me. That no matter what he was going thru he loved his God and trusted Him. Even at times that I would probably have given up. I don't remember talking to him about how he became so passionate about Christ, that passion was just a part of who he was. There are a lot of things that I would like to know about him, our family, why things were they way they were. Alot of unanswered questions that are to remain unanswered. And when we are in heaven, I won't care anymore.

After going thru many issues in my life I have realized that he was not perfect and that he had his own issues. But, here is what I know, he loved me and he loved God more than anything. I'll take that legacy, its been a huge influence on my life. When I die, if my children know that I loved them unconditionally, I loved my Savior and that I'm in heaven, I will have left a legacy.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Need Help

Ok, everyone has these precious blogs and I cannot figure it out. What do I do, where do I go. I've tried copying and pasting in my "gadget" but there is no where to paste the daggum thing. Where do you get the pretty designs? How do you search for other blogs?
Please help this illiterate blog person!

God Love The Puppy

Our Little Jon died Monday, Labor Day after 14 years of taking care of and protecting (or so he thought) our family. He had heart problems. When I got up Monday morning I knew something was wrong by his actions (you know they have their routines they follow everyday) and it took him until 6:20 Monday night before he died. He was in his little bed and I was sitting in the recliner beside him crocheting just waiting and watching. It was heart wrenching.

Z was at school. K was home but left and got back to Fayetteville before he died. It was so sweet because she told him bye. Fortunatelly, D had come over that day to grill for K and so he was there and stayed until he died. We buried him out in the field of our property.

It is quite amazing how we get so attached to these little creatures. I walk into my big ol lonely house everyday and there is no Little Jon to greet me, no one for me to take out and no one to feed. I didn't realize how nice it was just to know I could look over and see him laying there.

He was a strange little bird. He would never wear a collar in his life. He would just lay down on the floor and not move! He hated going anywhere, can you imagine being at home 24/7 and not minding? That was him, of course, that was probably part our fault because he was usually going to the vet if he was in the car.

Other people - he has bit he share of people over the years. Some brave soul will decide they are going to try to pick him up or touch him from behind or approach him while he is in his bed and before you know it, they have been bit. I try to warn everyone that he is contankerous but no one believes me until they have tried for themselves. This excludes the family of course, he would let us do anything. If someone came to the house he would bark and act like he was going to eat them alive and five minutes later he would be rolling his ball to them, wanting them to play. He liked for us to throw the ball, he went and got it and then rolled it back to you with his nose. Sometimes though when we go to get the ball, he grabs it away. Other times he would take his ball and wrap it up in his blanket and bite at it and play. I would always wonder what was going on in his little mind while doing this.

I've always said he had "little man syndrome". He thought he was so tough until retaliation came and then he ducked his tail and headed home.

For those of you that aren't animal people, I know you think this is crazy. For those of you who are, you know why I'm posting this. Its good therapy!

I miss you Little were truly a part of the family!