Friday, September 12, 2008

Do You Know Who You Are

Do you ever read other blogs, facebook, myspace. email, whatever the case may be and wonder "Who Am I Really"? Do all of these people really know who they are as well as they present themselves to be?

I want to know who I really am...what do I really like to do...what do I really enjoy reading...what do I want to be doing in ten years...what kind of people do I really enjoy being around...what do I really want to look like and what kind of clothes do I really want to wear? What plan does God have for me on this earth?

How much of what I do is to please someone else? How much of what I do, I do because I've always done it that way. How much of what I do, I do because that is what I want. How much of what I do, I do to Glorify Christ and to please Him and be in relationship with Him?

Just a little food for thought!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I think you are a beautiful person. Who has many wonderful gifts from God.
This is a question I will have to ponder for awhile.

Becky said...

Dear Beth,
I think that by even asking the question is a huge step to knowing. I'll give you a heads-up though: This blog may be one of the biggest insights into yourself than anything else!
Love you friend!