Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cajun Shrimp Anyone?

I decided to do a simple task today and go to the mall to buy a bottle of Cajun Shrimp OPI nail polish. I ventured into Trade Secrets to discover they were out of the color I was looking for. Of course, I had to check out all of their colors and did find a color that I thought I liked. It is OPI Red My Fortune Cookie. But, I really wanted to know what Cajun Shrimp looked like. So, I ventured on down to Regis Hair Salon to see if they had any...why yes as a matter of fact they did. So, I bought me a bottle.

I then decided to go back to Trade Secrets to compare my new fun bottle of Cajun Shrimp to Red My Fortune Cookie. I looked at them and looked at them and finally decided what the heck, I'm going to get this bottle too. So, I made my purchase, the nice lady put both bottles gently into a bag and off I went.

I got in the ol Tahoe, put my keys in the ignition, locked the doors of course (I wouldn't want anyone to try to get me!), and had the thought to get my other color out and put it on another nail to see just which one I thought was the prettiest and the funnest. I put my hand in the bag and felt something wet. When I pulled my hand out it is covered in a lovely color of Cajun Shrimp or Red My Fortune Cookie. Now, I'm not sure how this next step happened BUT I ended up with the nail polish ALL OVER the front and back of BOTH of my hands. Now, I didn't know which color it was at the time because I had my sunglasses on and not my reading glasses. I could have no more read the bottom of that bottle than the man in the moon. So, I have to figure out a way to get the keys out of the ignition, unlock the car and get out of it and shut it without having nail polish all over everything I own.

God loves to keep me humble...I go walking back into the mall with my hands straight up in the air, covered in nail polish and carrying the bag that is full of the nail polish. I got to Trade Secrets first because its closest and wouldn't it be nice if it was the bottle of polish I bought from them so I wouldn't have to walk ALL THE WAY down to the other salon. Of course, when they see me their eyes get big and they say OH NO what happened. I tell them I don't know and could they please read the bottle that is broken because I can't see. Well, as you might know, the polish that was broken was Cajun Shrimp from none other than the other salon. Trade Secrets lady said she would clean up the other bottle while I go to the other salon with hands held high in the air.

I pass a lady as I'm walking and she looks at my hands and says oh no that's not good...yes I know its not. I walk into Regas and the poor little girl is mortified, her eyes get the size of Texas. What happened, she asked. I tell her my story with my hands still held high. They look at the bottle, which we find out is cracked down the side and must have just poured out when laid on its side,and says lets get you cleaned up. She ends up standing in front of their counter with a hair towel pouring finger nail polish remover on it scrubbing my left hand. After she gets it off of my left hand she gives it to me to get it off of my right hand. They find me another bottle of Cajun Shrimp, let me go wash my hands and send me on my way.

As I'm walking back to Trade Secrets to get my other bottle of polish, I pass the same daggum lady. She says, well you got it taken care of, didn't you. Yes, yes I did. The lady at Trade Secrets hands me my cleaned up bottle and I am on my way.

The entire time I'm going through this most embarrassing process all I think about is why can't my daughter or my friends be with me during this humiliating and funny time of my life. I mean seriously they probably would have peed their pants.

I still have a Cajun Shrimp tint to my hands but all is well now. Oh, except my car smells like a bottle of finger nail polish and I am the happy owner of Cajun Shrimp and Red My Fortune Cookie. Do you think OPI would like for me to do a commercial for them. "Woman does anything to get one of our bottles of polish!!!!"

Just a day in the life...

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Karen Barnes Jordan said...

Sorry I missed that episode of "Be Still Beth"! You write humor very well, you know! BTW, have you tried OPI's Cha Ching Cherry? Great summer color! kj