Friday, April 3, 2009

Catching UP!!!!

I cannot believe its been a month since I last posted. Time gets away quickly. So I thought today I would write about what has been going on in my life the last month.

Zach and Kristyn were both on spring break. Zach came home the first weekend but then had to go back for baseball, his highschool team was not on spring break. So, after he left we went to the chapel kristyn is getting married and took a tour. Mitchell (fiance), his mom Sharon, Kristyn and I went. That was fun and the chapel is so beautiful. It is at Hendrix College and has the stained glassed windows, one isle (which is very important to K) and beautiful wood work. Also, a fantastic looking organ. The four of us went to dinner together afterwards. Fun times!
The next day we went to meet with the florist and ordered flowers. Scott is so amazing and has such wonderful ideas.

On Wednesday afternoon Kristyn and I went to Fayetteville to spend the rest of the week with Zach and of course so she could see Mitchell. We stayed with Zach because all of his roommates were gone. That was fun. Zach had even washed his sheets for his Ma to sleep in his bed. Didn't get it made but at least he washed them! I cleaned their kitchen, his bathroom, vacuumed, dusted, swept, mopped and did laundry. You know, 6 guys, 1 house, their idea of clean and a moms idea of clean, 2 different things.

They took me to dinner at Wasabi, their favorite rest. for sushi. I tried but I didn't like it...sorry I'm just not a sushi girl.

On Friday night we got to see Zach help coach the baseball team. My heart just swelled watching him. Kristyn made fun of me because she could just see my heart melting watching him. You would have thought he was the head coach. I miss going to baseball games and watching him and all the "boys" play and this night brought back the memories. For any of you other Moms that were at those games with me, it was freezing, remember???? And then, to see him out there being called "Coach James" like he is an adult or something, oh I guess he is, isn't he! At one point he was at the door of the dugout and every one of those boys were standing right behind him just talking to him. He loves doing this and I think will make a great coach. Oh, they also won their games that night, it was a double header. His coach told me I had to come to every game since they won. They are a young team and so don't win a lot of games. We went to IHOP after the game and he began telling me and Kristyn about all the boys, who they liked, what they were like etc. So fun!

It was fun just hanging out with the three kids during the week without interruptions. Zach, Kristyn and I even ended up in the same bed one morning...just like the ol days. I'm sure Mitchell wishes he could have been there for that!

Ok, moving on...Kristyn came home last weekend and we went shopping all day Saturday. She is looking for an outfit to wear for her engagement pictures that are coming up! We had so much fun, laughing, talking, eating and shopping for her, of course.

Kristyn is majoring in nursing, wants to be a labor and delivery nurse. She studies all the time, goes the extra mile to go to study labs they provide for classes. She has to apply for nursing school and they only take a certain amount at the UofA and her desire is to be accepted on her time schedule so she can finish her degree on time. She received an email last week inviting her to join the NASC Honor Society Membership. It is by invitaion only and has a lot of benefits for joining. I'm so proud of her for putting so much effort into her classes. She is very goal oriented and focused. She will make a wonderful nurse some day. She will also make a beautiful bride come December!

Wedding...well, we have the photographer, the place, the reception, flowers, bridesmaids dresses. The next biggies are the cake and the wedding dress!!! She has her mind about made up on invitations. Mitchell has booked their honeymoon...they are going on a cruise. They will get married, spend the weekend away, be home for Christmas, then leave on their honeymoon January 2. He has also reserved the car to take them from the wedding to the reception. They are now applying for their passports. Mitchell has decided what he wants to do for his bachelor celebration. He wants to go to Texas to see the Razorbacks play in the new stadium. His dad is working on making that happen for him. What a fun weekend that will be for him and his guys and the dads.

They are having a very traditional, elegant wedding. It will be such a wonderful celebration of Kristyn and Mitchell. Its so sweet because neither of them want the other to be overlooked, they want everything to be about both of them. The ceremony to be a sacred moment and the rest to be a time of celebrating them. I will be investing in the softest kleenex I can find. I'm so happy for them and am so excited to see them start their life together but this moma will cry and has cried.

Well, as you can tell the last month has been a lot about my kiddo's, as usual. It is so nice to enjoy them so much at this age as I did at every other age. God has blessed me with two great children and soon to be one son-in-law. (Just don't tell him I said that!)

I have been taking a class on Tuesday nights, its a pretty deep class about figuring out "your stuff"! Also, I have started a new aphgan, its going to be so pretty. The colors are a deep purple, taupe, green and a deep burgandy. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Its been fun catching up and I'm going to try to get some more pics on here soon. I promise. The kids will be home for Easter and so I hope to get some good pictures that weekend. Easter, what a time that is...when Christ got on that cross for every single one of us and for every single one of our sins and took that weight on Himself and died so that we could live and so we could be forgiven. There is no sin to big for Him and nothing happens to us that He can't handle. Then, then He arose. Gives me chill bumps to think of such a God. I am thankful to know Him and I hope if you are reading this, you know Him too. If not, ask me about Him.

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