Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's beginning

Well, I'm sitting here tonight getting reports from time to time from the new freshman in college in my house. She and her roommate are making their rounds at the stores buying DORM items. No, I wasn't invited to go, can you believe they wouldn't want me there. HA!! I sit and wait in this very quite house to hear from the next stop and what they have purchased this time.

Everything that she has been given or we have bought is laid out so pretty in the guest room. I cannot hardly think about loading it all up and taking it to a place called Fayetteville and dropping it off in some room my baby will call home. What is up with that and how can it be the normal process? I don't even pretend to think i will not cry my eyes out.

She realized today that she has like 5 weeks left to get ready. Last night her and Tate, her dorm mate, sat at the table and made their list and looked on the computer at all kinds of things. I remember when they sat at the house talking about boys and doing cheer jumps and cheers and volleyball moves and making pyramids on Zach and taking pictures of themselves over and over and over. They couldn't wait to be in 8th grade, be kissed, go to high school, make cheer squad, make volleyball, make softball. Oh, would they be on Homecoming court. On and on it went and I loved watching them grow. I just didn't know it would be this fast and they are both almost 19.

I have a picture of these two and their friend Tori playing make-up and dress-up together. So young and cute and now all three are going off to college. Lord, would you bless their lives with Yourself, draw them each to You. How I pray that they will glorify you in what they do with their lives and that they will have real relationship with You. Protect them from the evil one, please surround them with your angels. I know they will have to go threw hard times and sad times (they have already endured several of these) and that you never said that life would be easy. But, I pray they will learn quickly and lean on You for their lives. Thank you in advance for loving them. May they all always have peace like a river!

I love you all three!

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Tree Hugger said...

I started reading your entry...was getting chocked up cause I could relate to what you were saying. Then you had to bring up my girl and I lost it!! Do you remember the first day of kindergarten with those three? The picture you it the one at Kristyn's Tea party birthday or Tori's Princess Birthday? Those are the two I'm imagining. I've had to stop looking at pictures cause I just boohoo like crazy. Oh Beth, why does it hurt so bad?? I love ya!