Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ms. Ann

I have been visiting a new church and tonight I went to a small group. At then end of the class the leader was talking about a book called "only 30 days to live", a book about what would you do if you knew you only had 30 days to live. Would anyone remember anything about you in 10 years? What kind of a mark have you left?

I thought about my friend Ms. Ann while the leader was talking about this. Ann died about a year and a half ago. She had battled cancer for quite some time. I loved this woman. I had the honor of giving the eulogy at her funeral. What I talked about the most was that she was a woman of prayer. I know that in 10 years I will still remember her being a praying woman.

She prayed for people she worked with for years. She was so burdened about their relationship with Christ. She also prayed for her son to come back to the Lord and she was blessed to see this happen before she died.

I remember the day we all gathered together in her early stages of cancer and we prayed for her healing. The most precious moment of that prayer gathering was when her son came up and knelt beside her and prayed for her. The Lord allowed us to have her for quite a while but then He decided to take her home and I think she was ready. Her earthly body was worn out.

My life was blessed and changed because God allowed me to know Ann. He allowed me a few special moments with her during her last days (of which we did not know was coming). She told me things that I now know God was having her tell me because He knew I would give her eulogy. What an honor.

I love you Ms. Ann and I miss you so much. I would love to be able to come over, give you a big hug and sit and chat in your cute and comfy living room. But for now, I'll remember you and I'll be seeing you when I get there!


Tree Hugger said...

Ms. Ann was indeed one of the best women I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Tree Hugger said...

No I didn't bring the would have been to much trouble with the dogs. I don't think the weather in Texas has had much effect on us here. Just normal Florida weather. It rained for a good 3 hours late Wednesday afternoon and is thundering today as I type this. I love vacation but I am missing the comforts of home.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Girl you need to update this blog!!
It was fun seeing you as well. John loved your house! He gets off at 2 and usually goes back in for the Mid but worked Monday instead.
The quilt...first time doing can quilt on the sewing machine but I think I'm going to do a sailors knot on this one. Yes, just cut squares the size you want.
Tori's tattoo...several meanings... the blue bird for my dad...and just to remind her and Meg that they are "free spirits".

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Hey I'm not all that great at the computer either. Go to the site and on the right hand side scroll'll say copy and paste this link. Copy it then got to your dashboard...then go to layout, then add a gadget. Go to where it says HTML/javascript. Add thelink there and save. Add the SITS site too. I have had SOOOO much fun since I joined the sits. We need to get together!!!!! If John isn't better by Thursday they are going to admit him in the hospital. He has been in prayer all day.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus it is a "super bug" it is hard to treat. It looks real bad and John is starting to get very frustrated cause of the pain and all. YOU NEED TO BLOG!!!! love ya

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I have given you an award. Check out my blog!!!