Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mitchells Graduation

October 17, 2008 now has a new meaning as well. Mitchell, Kristyn's boyfriend of 3.5 years graduated from the Springdale Police Academy today. He is now officially Officer Regnas. He has been in training for 12 weeks. I'm just so proud of him and the way he has persevered and kept his mind on the goal of today.

During his training, besides all of the physical training, he also had to be tazered and have mace sprayed in his face. They did the shooting range, driving course and there was a lot of academic work.

The graduation ceremony was so nice. Both sets of his grandparents, his aunts, uncle, cousins, parents, brother, me, zach, susanna and kristyn were all there. He was dressed in the dress police uniform. They gave awards for the top 3 in the class for certain things. Mitchell came in 2nd place for shooting. After the ceremony the "class" had to go out and take down the flag. It was so beautiful. They fell into formation in front of the flag and saluted the flag and then 3 of the guys took the flag down. It was just a pretty picture of our Amerian flag and those new police officers standing there in formation that just touched my  heart.

Afterwards all 17 of us went to Olive Garden and had lunch and then this evening we gathered in the lobby of the hotel and had cake and ice cream and Mitchell received gifts for his graduation.

We are all so proud of you Mitch. Job well done and I pray the Lords hand would be upon you as you begin protecting the town of Springdale, Arkansas. Godspeed.

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