Saturday, October 18, 2008

Robin Wooten

October 17, 1960 my friend Robin Mary Wooten was born in Smyrna, Georgia. She was a beautiful girl, long brown hair, the flattest stomach ever and the sweetest personality. She had an older sister, Penny, who had already moved out of the house. So, Robin was kind of like an only child. 

We met at Legend Heights Baptist Church when I was in the 6th grade and became instant friends. We were inseparable for 3.5 years. We practically lived together. Our parents let us spend the night together even during the week. I called her parents Moma and Daddy Wooten. She called mine Moma and Daddy. 

We were friends thru those years of going from girls to teenagers. So many questions and thoughts that we shared together. We went skating every weekend and we would usually get ready at her house. It would take us hours to get ready. We wore blue eyeshadow, blue or green finger nail polish. We sat in her living room putting on our makeup while talking to her mom. We asked her mom some of the craziest things and she would just laugh with us and talk to us. I remember one time we asked how to kiss!!! Her parents were older as well, which made it all even more interesting. We listened to 8 track tapes, Bachman Turner Overdrive! How funny!

Every Sunday morning when we were at her house her mom would fix us fried bacon and grits and orange juice. I don't know why but for some reason that food tasted so good at her house. It was just the best.

I remember when Robin would get a phone call she would climb under their kitchen table to talk, especially if it was a boy!

We moved from Smyrna, Georgia on March 6, 1976. I was a freshman in high school. Robin came to visit us one time after we moved to West Virginia. We continued to keep in touch though.

On November 24, 1977, Thanksgiving night we got a phone call. I was on crutches because I had been doing a cheer jump and landed wrong and broke my toe. Anyway, we got a phone call that Robin and her boyfriend Randy had been in a car wreck and they both had died. She was 17 years old. I was devastated!

My mom, brother and I went to Georgia for the funeral. Her family had me sit with the family at the funeral. They buried Robin and Randy next to each other. They were planning to marry. After the funeral Moma Wooten had me and another friend go back to their house and go thru some of Robins things. She wanted us to have some of her things. I think about that now and I do not know how she did that so closely after the funeral. I guess because she knew I had to leave and she wanted me to have a part of Robin.

Today, October 17, 2008 Robin would have been 48 years old. There is not a year that has gone by in the last 31 years that I have not thought of Robin on her birthday and the anniversary of her death. 

I have looked for her sister for years and years during this time of the year. I have never been able to find her until this year. I finally finally found her and got her phone number and called her on my way to Fayetteville to see my kids. We just had the best time sharing memories. She told me it was nice having someone to talk to that remembered Robin. Both of their parents are gone now and so no one that Penny is with knew Robin. 

I told Penny I've just always wanted her to know that I think of her each year and I think of Robin each year and will never ever forget her. I've learned over the years that its important to people that their loved ones are not forgotten.

Interesting fact: Robin died on Thanksgiving night and Kristyn, my daughter was born on Thanksgiving night. Robin died November 24 and Kristyn was born November 23. Robin had green eyes and Kristyn has green eyes. I've just always found this little tidbit interesting.

So, Happy Birthday my childhood friend. You were my first best friend and I will never forget you. I'm thankful God allowed us to have the time we had together. Sweet memories of days gone by.


Becky said...

You have written a post which has encouraged me. I know that Jae's friends won't forget her, and that gives me great comfort.
I wish you still had your friend here, but know that soon you will enjoy her companionship for all eternity!

G said...

I worked with Robin, and when she passed that was a very sad time. I did not know her that well. We went to different high schools. She attended Campbell, and I attended Wills, so the only interaction I had with her was at work.

She did have that magic though. A free spirit whose very presence could make all of your troubles seem insignificant.

For the longest time, I struggled with understanding what happened. We were all a bit crazy back then. When some people complain about today's youth, I usually think that I was probably just as bad. We were only kids trying to be something more than that, something more than what defined us at the time.

I did know her new best friend quite well, and she was devastated when it happened. We all changed in some way that day. A better appreciation for life, and how fragile we are.

Larry said...

Hi Beth: Loved reading your post about Robin. I attended 8th grade with her and also 9th and 10th, then my mom transferred my brother and me out of CHS. Robin was a good school friend and I remember how friendly she was to everyone. She was never stuck up or "clique-ish." I remember when Robin died in '77. It was awful to hear about. I was so upset about it that my mom would not allow me to attend the funeral. The world lost a truly sweet girl 32 years ago. I came across your blog 'by accident' (heh, heh; with God there are no accidents are there?). I'd been playing around in Facebook all afternoon and I came across a friend's page that I remembered from way back when and it made me think of Robin, then I tried looking for the old obituary and somehow found your blog. Anyway, God bless you and your family. Guess your daughter's "an old married woman" by now, huh? Sincerely, Susan (Kirkland) Marks 4/6/10, 7:58p.m.,