Saturday, November 29, 2008

The King and His Daughter

The king was conducting business before his throne. Everyone in the castle, even his wife, knew that it was forbidden to interrupt him while he was working. After all, he was the king. He commanded legions of soldiers and created law for the entire domain. His name was legendary. Young men spoke it with awe; old men, with reverence.
He sat before the leaders of state, a pensive expression on his face as he studied the documents in his lap. Suddenly the door to the room burst open, startling the dignitaries gathered in the room. The patter of little feet could be heard running across the hard stone floor, directly toward the king on his throne. The small assembly audibly gasped, stunned at the intrusion and not knowing what the king's reaction would be.
"Daddy, Daddy! I found a yellow flower!" It was the king's small daughter.
In a single motion the king swept the little girl off her feet and into his lap, scattering the important papers to the floor. His preoccupied countenance immediately transformed into sheer delight as he smiled broadly at his child and then examined her small prize. while the luminaries waited, she sat there with him, her tiny form cuddled in the crook of his strong and gentle right arm. With her head pressed against his chest, they shared secrets and some small talk. He made her giggle, and then, after kisses and a big hug, the little girl, smiling from ear to ear and glowing with contentment, climbed down from her daddy's lap and ran out of the room.

I read this story this morning in a book I'm reading. The author went on to say that our Daddy is like this king. Isn't that awesome, He is the King of kings, Lord or lords, the great I AM and yet He loves us so much and will allow us to jump up in His lap anytime, He is never to busy for us.
He also thinks we are beautiful, whether we are short or tall, skinny or chunky, it just doesn't matter, we are beautiful because we are daughters of the King. He wants to meet our deepest needs. He wants us to know that we are beautiful, valued and deeply loved.

Have a great week!