Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristyn!

The month was November and the year 1989. Although not planned, we were about to deliver a wonderful baby girl. A gift from the Lord. I believe it was yesterday that I was largely pregnant with child, not knowing it was a girl. Where does the time go?

Things that began with her that have become and I guess have always been a part of her personality:

She was a week always pushing the button to be anywhere on time. We have gotten into more arguments over her being ready on time. She doesn't mind having us "wait on a woman".

Social...every time I was nursing her and she heard anything, off the breast she went so she could see what was going on. Of course, she didn't really mind what perdicament she left me in!

Didn't like to sleep...oh to get that child to take a daycare they finally made an agreement with her, you don't have to sleep but you have to lay here. So, she did, for the most part! To this day, she goes and goes and goes and then one day she will crash and burn.

Stole my heart...the moment she was born I knew the Lord had blessed me and was trusting me with this wonderful child. I had never wanted a girl because of the relationship I had with my mother. I now know that God gave me Kristyn to prove to me that all relationships don't have to be like the one I had with my mother. What a blessing she has been. My heart swells with love for this child...we have laughed more together than I guess I've laughed with anyone. Conversations about everything from dolls to bikes to playing sports to boys to girlfriends to speechs to dresses to sex to her future and everything in between.

Life now is a little different. She is in her first year of college, no longer a child. She has so many goals and is working hard to achieve those goals. I have to tell her sometime, slow down, enjoy where you are just a little.

I look forward to having an adult relationship with her and hopefully the Lord will give us many years to laugh together, cook together, shop together, watch movies together and have great conversation together.

My birthday prayer for my sweet girl would be that she fall so in love with Jesus and that He would always be the center of her life. I've learned that is the only way to live and to live free and in peace.

So, this Sunday, November 23rd, we celebrate her life of 19 years. Thank You Father that you trusted me with your child and allowed her to be my child on this earth. What a priviledge and an honor. I wouldn't change a hair on her sweet head. I love you Cissy aka Kristyn aka Louise aka Kristyn Anne!!!!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Happy Birthday Kristyn!!!!

This is a beautiful post!

Shannon said...

I remember the day she was born... Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday Kristyn!