Friday, January 30, 2009

Kids and Ice Storms

As you have probably heard, an ice storm hit Fayetteville, AR this week. I realize this week how hard it is for me to be here without my children when there is crisis going on. They are fine, a little irritable maybe, but ok. They have all seem to handle themselves fine. Zach's house is without electricity, Kristyn's fiance's apt is without elec., Kristyn's dorm has elec. but she has no food there. So, they have been floating around. Of course, I wish they were home with me but neither of them want to come home.

Reality check. They are growing up and even though there is unpleasant times they are sticking it out and handling the moment. That is what I raised them to be, right? UGH!

They were both home last weekend and didn't want to make the trip back home. I have discovered Zach feels like he has to please to much when he is here. He feels torn about where to spend his time, between me and his dad. I know where that pressure is coming from and its not his moma. I just want them to want to come home, thats all. And feel comfortable being home and not feel pressure to have to be with or do anything with anyone.

Krsityn has been sick this entire time with soar throat, cold, headache. Her and Mitchell went to WalMart last night after he got off work at 11:00 to get her some drugs. WalMart had closed at 10:00 p.m. due to the weather!

I've noticed I have had a really hard time sleeping this week. I think because I'm thinking about them sleeping in the cold or not and wondering where they are.

All of this to kids are growing up and handling themselves pretty well and I'm back here wanting to still be a mom and finding I'm not needed so much. Another reality check. I know this is the way its supposed to be but that doesn't mean its easy.

Way to go kids and the way you've managed this week and I just know I'll be better the next time something happens, won't I?


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

It makes me sad that they are needing us less and less.

Even though we raised them that way it's hard on us moms to "let go" and let them be adults!!

I have thought and prayed for them all week!! You, too!!

MarciaBrady said...

Awww...I know how it is with coming home from school and trying to figure out how to spend your time. I always felt torn. My dad wanted me to spend every minute there and would be upset if I would leave to go see my friends. It was very hard on me. I hated feeling torn. So, sometimes, I would just not come home because it was too hard.

I know it was hard on my dad too, though. I was his first born and we were very close. He had a hard time with me going off to college.

So, I know it was out of love, but it was still hard. So, I know what your son is going through.

It'll get better though!!