Monday, June 2, 2008


A group of 5 of us went to dinner and a movie a couple of weeks ago. We got to the movie, got out of our vehicles and we are all trying to hurry, some practically running. I looked back and there is Kristyn just walking along, head held high with an aire of confidence.

I commented on how slow she was walking and one of the other girls said something about how we are always in a hurry and there she is taking her time.

Kristyn's response: (You must walk with confidence, don't appear to ever be in a hurry, have confidence in yourself, it will be ok)

Finally, I know why she always walks so slow and always takes the longest to get ready. She is confident and is not going to get in a hurry for anyone. :) I firmly believe she does this just to drive me crazy as well!!!!

Just thought it was a funny moment and I would share.

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