Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thank You!

I just had to share what happened when I got home today. Below is a little prayer I wrote from my last blog entry...

"Lord, it would be nice if You would just let me see mama bird flying in or
out and oh what a blessing it would be to catch a glimpse of those little
babies leaving the nest. Otherwise, I'll leave them to you and mama

Ok, so I was pulling up to my driveway and looking at the mailbox and low and behold this beautiful mama bird came flying out of the paperbox. She was greyish but had this beautiful blue color on her back, like the egg shells I saw in the beginning. I looked back as she was flying away and she was hovering flapping those wings, telling me to get lost. So, I gently got my mail and took a little peek and there they were, those precious babies. Mouths wide open, probably, thinking "lady you are interrupting our dinner."Thank you Lord for showing me that mama bird...I so desperately needed to see You today and what a wonderful way to show me that You are still in control and You still hear me! You are the vine and I am the branch, help me to remain in You. I read that scripture on some else's blog today and it just stuck with me. I've mulling it over since.

Just had share and I cannot figure out how to get my text to be flush to the left again. Oh well.


Betty said...

That is so cool. I was laughing because we too have had baby birds. John, Tori and I have all "babied" them. When the strong winds came the other day I ran out there and took the fern down(thats where they were)and we snuggled the plant (oh, by the way which is dead cause we were afraid to water it)in between the rocking chairs and a heavy pot so it wouldn't blow away. haha Tori has taken pictures of the nest from egg to full babies. Momma has come and gone as we watched. John and I were on the porch just two days ago and we got to watch them both fly away. It was very peaceful.

Stephen, Whitney, Olivia Jane & Marshall Wood Eoff said...

YAY FOR BETH HAVING A BLOG!! I'm so excited to get to keep up with you through this thing. Thanks for your sweet "comment" on mine! :) All is well here. I'm sure you know we moved to Dallas about a year ago. We miss LR, but so fun to be close to my family! Other than is so fun, crazy and full with 2 little ones. They just make me smile so much though and I feel so blessed to get to be their mom! They are a joy! Well...I'll stop taking up your whole comment space. Hope things are GREAT at the James house! Miss and love you girl!