Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mailbox Update/my baby bird

As of yesterday, there are 4 or 5 little baby birds in our paper box. Their little heads rared back, little mouths WIDE open and not making a peep. I like to leave one paper in the box just to help protect them. Of course, now I'm concerned about mama bird, is she still around, is she feeding them, do I need to help them. What a personality trait of mine, always thinking I need to take care of everyone. God knows those little babies and He can handle them, I must let them go. Lord, it would be nice if You would just let me see mama bird flying in or out and oh what a blessing it would be to catch a glimpse of those little babies leaving the nest. Otherwise, I'll leave them to you and mama bird.

Speaking of leaving the nest, I have one that is definately on his way out. Zach is 20 and just growing up. I had two people comment about him after Kristyn's graduation lunch. They both said basically the same thing, Zach carried on a nice conversation, seemed so much more grown up and out going. They didn't feel like they had to pull conversation out of him. Love him, he does have some of his mama in him, the gift of conversation. Now, I didn't say the gift of gab but conversation. He still observes, takes things in, doesn't just talk to be talking. But when he talks, I need to listen, because he is going to say something meaningful. My man/child, he is making his way in this world, choosing who he wants to be and become.

It's so fun to watch but at the same time, brings HUGE tears to my eyes. I know someday soon he will leave and then some day after that he will leave and cleave and it will never be the same. I know it isn't supposed to be, but, oh how I miss him already. He gives the best hugs of anyone I know, just a big ol teddy bear.

He is going to work at a Christian Athletic camp from June 28 - August 9. Its called Camp War Eagle and he is going to be a counselor. Two guys will have 12 boys, ages he doesn't know yet, to be with for a week to two weeks at a time. I beleive God has put him here for this season. Zach wants to be a coach and this experience will help him know if that is really what he wants or not. Here is the kicker, he has already told me that he wants to move to school August 11th. Umm that is two days after he gets back from the camp. He wants to be at school for a couple of weeks before school starts. This is how I know he is leaving the nest, he is becoming more confident, less and less dependent, standing on his own two feet (as long as we keep feeding him the cash of course), and just about to step out of that nest and fly. Soar like an eagle son, if you are going to go out into this world, put your mark on it strongly, be everything God wants you to be! What an exciting life it can be if you choose what your Heavenly Father wants for you. Now, that excites me! I can sing like the mama bird sings if I know he is going to soar. I may be singing thru tears but I'll be singing for him!

I just had the smallest thought creep into my heart, have never thought this before but what if God is taking him to this call him to Himself, to ministry. WOW, where did that come from :) ! Who knows...I could be completely off base. Just a thought. I mean God is always calling us to Himself, to Glorify Him in everything we do, wherever we are, no matter the circumstances. I just had this vision of Zach in a place sharing the Lord. Crazy!

Well, I've gone from itty bitty baby birds to my 6'3" man/child...interesting how God can use the smallest of things to take us to so many places.

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